Our Story

BeWell Agrosolutions S.L. is a technology-based company (TBC) that arises from the BioMODEM research group of the University of Santiago de Compostela, where work has been carried out in pig farms  for more than 10 years, being the characterization of the environment and its impact on welfare and animal production its main line of research.

In 2018, as a result of this acquired knowledge and with the appearance of the first animal welfare certifications on the market, we began to detect difficulties on the part of technicians and official bodies in carrying out reliable and quality measurements of environmental parameters in livestock farms and the lack of certain variables that are relevant in the welfare analysis and that were not included in the current certifications.

 From the researching group, we understood then that it was time to transfer our work and develop a comprehensive and innovative methodology that assesses animal welfare in an objective and comprehensive way, with the main motivation of providing added value to the sector and caring for its image, and led by Roberto and Tamara, as they are the people directly involved in the development of this methodology through their doctoral theses.

In this way we want to provide a tool for the control and evaluation not only of animal welfare on farms, but also of health, biosecurity, management and traceability, so that food safety is integrated and reinforced.

At BeWell, to our direct relationship with the countryside, we add our passion for innovation, knowledge and specialization in the sector.

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